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Package code: 4002-67521x Reception Desk Acquario (Product Code:4002M)The Acquario ultra-modern rece..
£1,326.00 £1,197.00
Availability: 1
Package code: 4102-68881x Reception desk Georgian (Code:4102)With a completely modern design, this R..
£1,316.00 £1,199.00
Availability: 1
Package code: 4103-69221x Reception Desk Star Ferry (Code:4103)An elegant curved reception desk that..
£1,242.00 £1,189.00
Availability: 1
Package code: 4203-62081x Reception desk Revival (Product Code:4203)Classy Victorian Era designed Re..
£1,246.00 £1,195.00
Availability: 1
Product code: 6116 x3The Styling Station Bross features a spectacular sleek & modern design that..
£597.00 £579.00
Availability: 1
Product code: 6303 x3The unique single-side styling unit comes with geometric style wood finish. Wal..
£387.00 £379.00
Availability: 0
Package code: 7062-11881x Salon Backwash Basin Victoria (Product code: 7062)Remote controlled electr..
£1,036.00 £999.00
Availability: 1
Package code: 7067-10671x  Backwash Unit Veyron (Product Code: 7067)Veyron is a comfortable and..

Inc. VAT: £1,139.00

Availability: 1
Package code: 7198-11981x  Backwash Unit Beckman (Product code: 7198)As one of our top selling ..

Inc. VAT: £934.80

Availability: 4
Package code: 7288-12881x Shampoo Backwash Unit Takaran (Product Code: 7288)The Shampoo Backwash Uni..
£836.00 £749.00
Availability: 1
Package code: 7777-17771x Backwash Alpine (Product Code: 7777)Full Back, Seat and Leg-rest Massage a..
£1,496.00 £1,399.00
Availability: 1
Package code: 7837-18371x Salon Backwash Unit Anode (Product code: 7837)The sleek and..
£896.00 £759.00
Availability: 1
Package code: 7839-18391x Backwash Unit Callisto (Product Code: 7839)The Electrical Leg-rest Shampoo..

Inc. VAT: £1,138.80

Availability: 2
Package code: 7849-18391x Backwash Unit Arcadian (Product Code: 7849)The European-style Backwash Uni..
£976.00 £829.00
Availability: 1
Package code: 7850-18501x Massage Backwash Arizona II (Code: 7850)This contemporary Shampoo Bac..
£1,076.00 £948.00
Availability: 1
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